Russian California

This app brings the adventures of California’s earliest explorers to life. Read about the wealthy Russian count who romanced the beautiful daughter of the Spanish Presidio commander, but died en route to Moscow before he could claim his bride. There’s also the story of the serf who rose to power as a leader of sea-faring hunters, who narrowly escaped being murdered after a shipwreck on the Olympic Peninsula. You’ll hear the tale of a Russian deserter who helped lead the Chumash Indian revolt in Santa Barbara, along with the story of St. Peter the Aleut, an Alaskan native hunter who was tortured and killed by a Spanish priest for refusing to renounce his adopted Russian Orthodox faith. You’ll also hear the true voices of Californian and Alaskan natives whose skill and courage were critical to the survival of these early Russian settlers.

Client: Sol Editions and Wild Blue Studios for the California State Parks Foundation.

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