How It Works

This is a quick overview how you use the WordPress publishing system to create books for the Mimetic Books app.

  1. Get an Account. Get an author account in the WordPress book maker site,
  2. Make a Book Card in WordPress. First, you make an entry in WordPress for your book. This is like making a library catalog card for your book, with the description, ID number, author, and publisher information. Once this card exists, we can use WordPress to gather the pages for your book.
  3. Make a Book Page. Once WordPress knows about your book, you can add pages to it. To add a page, you create a new WordPress post. On the “New Post” page, you’ll be able to choose the book the post belongs to. Do that, and you’ll be able to choose the design of the page. Publish your post, and the page will be in your book. You can also add existing posts to your book by editing them, where you’ll be able to choose the book for the post. Note that WordPress “posts” become “pages” in Mimetic Books because we are adapting a blogging tool to make books. WordPress “pages” are something else…don’t use them for this purpose.
  4. Publish Your Book. When you are ready, go to your book card page (in the “Books” list). You’ll see a button marked “Publish eBook”. Click it, and WordPress will publish your book.
  5. See Your Book. Your book is now available in the Mimetic Books app. You may have to tap the “refresh” button in the top-right of the screen to see it appear in the list of books. You can tap the book icon to download it.

That’s all it takes. Go ahead and try it!