We offer everything required to make a book app. We can do as little, or as much, as your project requires.


Our services start at $850 for a basic book app, with pictures, text, sound, and video. This service is based on using our existing page templates. Any changes or corrections cost extra.

We charge to prepare your text, images, and videos if they aren’t in the format we need.

We charge for changes and corrections (unless we make a mistake — we don’t charge for your mistakes!).

We can either give you a fixed price, or you can pay by the hour.

If you have a project, please contact us to get a detailed bid.


How much will it cost, you ask?

For a simple book, like Street Cats of Istanbul, you might pay only $850.

A book like 3 Stories, which has lot of custom design but is otherwise quite simple to create, might cost around $2,500.

For a complex book, like the GG Bridge app, expect to pay between $5,000 and $15,000. Such books required multiple designs, many custom pages, and big projects always bring many changes and revisions. Just keeping track of the artwork from the author is a big task!


What if Apple rejects my book app?

We cannot guarantee that Apple (or anyone else) will accept your book into their store. They can be fickle, and they have rejected book apps that they considered “just a book,” meaning the app did not use interactivity, audio, or video. We have no control over this, so we will charge you even if they reject the app due to the content.

We do guarantee our work, and we will repair the book app if they reject the app due to programming. That hasn’t happened yet, so we’re really not worried about it.