War Diaries

war-diaries-ipad-screen-240This is the first installation of “Be Your Own Publisher” our technology. The book app is managed from a WordPress website, allowing The War Diaries Project  to add new books and make updates from WordPress.

The free War Diaries app for the iPad is an extension of the exhibition. It includes Tim McLaughlin’s complete diary and military journal; each page can be magnified to see the details. The War Diaries app also includes a series of stories by Peter Maass and photographs by Gary Knight that delve into the invasion and its aftermath. The app complements the exhibition and stands alone as a digital document that tells its own story.

Client: The War Diaries Project

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3 Stories

This collection of photography and writing captures a side of the conflicts in both Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan that is rarely seen. Photographer David Gross and writer Nicholas Birch intimately explored three stories from this war-torn region. One story asks how Iraqi Kurdistan protects itself in the face of Arab intimidation. Another looks at how arming poor villagers can backfire. The third is a series of audio interviews and portraits of courageous fighters for human rights in Turkey.

Client: David Gross

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Russian California

This app brings the adventures of California’s earliest explorers to life. Read about the wealthy Russian count who romanced the beautiful daughter of the Spanish Presidio commander, but died en route to Moscow before he could claim his bride. There’s also the story of the serf who rose to power as a leader of sea-faring hunters, who narrowly escaped being murdered after a shipwreck on the Olympic Peninsula. You’ll hear the tale of a Russian deserter who helped lead the Chumash Indian revolt in Santa Barbara, along with the story of St. Peter the Aleut, an Alaskan native hunter who was tortured and killed by a Spanish priest for refusing to renounce his adopted Russian Orthodox faith. You’ll also hear the true voices of Californian and Alaskan natives whose skill and courage were critical to the survival of these early Russian settlers.

Client: Sol Editions and Wild Blue Studios for the California State Parks Foundation.

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The Golden Gate Bridge

This interactive multimedia app extends the reach of California Historical Society’s exhibition and makes over 350 historic objects, as well as dozens of photographs and other ephemera from the collection available to the reader. Highlights include photographs by Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange, paintings by Maynard Dixon, Ray Strong, and Chesley Bonestell, and architectural drawings by the two architects who worked on the bridge design. Also included is an opening music selection from composer Rob Kapilow’s “Chrysopylae,” A Golden Gate Opus, written with contributions from sound designer Fred Newman.

Client: Sol Editions and Wild Blue Studios for The California Historical Society.

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Street Cats of Istanbul

This book of photography of the street cats of Istanbul shows their lives and loves, and the people who love them. The book includes photographs from the streets of Istanbul, a portrait series, and a glimpse into the rescue of seven cats.

Client: David Gross

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The Aftermath Project Volumes 3 & 4

Each year, the Aftermath Project publishes “War is Only Half the Story,” a book featuring the work of the previous year’s grant winners and finalists. As our primary outreach to the public, the book is distributed to every US senator, university and high school journalism and media programs, academics in peacebuilding and post-conflict studies, human rights organizations and museum curators.

These apps are special multimedia versions of volumes 3 and 4 of “War is Only Half the Story,” specially designed to give a focused, intense experience of the artwork and storytelling.

Client: The Aftermath Project

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ESFOTOPERIODISMO 2011, la selección de imágenes que dan vida a las historias más representativas de la realidad narrada por los profesionales del fotoperiodismo centroamericano, en el transcurso del último año.

Client: ESFOTO

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