Be Your Own Publisher

We have a new way to be your own publisher, bookseller, and author. We offer your own eBook app for the iPad or Kindle Fire or  Nook.

Of course, in addition to our basic publisher’s platform we offer full-service graphic design, photo-editing, copywriting and editing, animation, and custom programming.



Bookstore + WordPress Publisher

iOS Simulator Screen shot Mar 4, 2013 8.20.44 PMOur latest service is our “Be Your Own Publisher” system which lets you start and manage your own publishing house from a WordPress website (the world’s best-known, most flexible, affordable, and expandable website system).

You can get your own branded app which links to your own WordPress website. You keep full control over pricing, distribution.

You can even create new books using WordPress. Adapt your existing content or create new books. This method is an amazing tool for teachers and students to make class materials and class publications, for scientific organizations to keep technical catalogs, or for businesses to maintain catalogs.


Education, Multimedia, Photography and Art Books

Photography and art books are not like ordinary books, and our system was designed with special features that ordinary ebooks cannot handle. We take care of your captions and overlays, smoothly sliding pages, and zooming images without the expensive hours of layout and programming that other systems require.
Current page features include* :

  • A full-screen picture, and/or multiple zooming pictures
  • An pull-down overlay, with text and a picture, to offer in-depth commentary on a picture
  • Text blocks
  • Customized buttons with many functions, including “contact” email and web page links
  • Facebook and Twitter integration, so readers can promote your book as they read
  • Animations, big or small
  • A caption panel with title, date, and place, and buttons that link to details of the page, such as:
    • Audio: a “play audio” button to play a sound, such as an interview, actuality, your voice-over
    • Video: a “play video” button to play a video
    • Mapping: a link to Google Maps using GPS coordinates, to show where your picture was taken
    • Overlay: a link to show the page overlay

* The WordPress publisher is more limited, but we’re getting there.


Some Key Build-In Features:

You can navigate the book with links from the table of contents, and each chapter has a navigator. The navigator appears with a single tap on the screen. It lets the reader get around easily and quickly. The reader can jump to the table of contents, to the previous or next chapter, or jump to any page in the chapter.

There is a slideshow button — a tap makes the book place like a slideshow, fading to black between pages.

Captions let you show everything related to a particular picture in one place. You can play audio, video clips, show an overlay over the page, or even show a map of where the image was taken. The caption also includes Facebook and Twitter buttons so readers can let others know they like a particular page, an important part of your marketing.

Overlays let you add commentary and drawings to any picture. The reader can swipe down an overlay for any page, covering the original picture. Because the overlay can be transparent, you can offer notes and commentary on any picture. Overlays can show a picture, text, or both.




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